While living in the rhythm of today‘s life, it is difficult to ever stop and find time to breath in fresh air and enjoys its peace: a flowing stream, a sough of the wood. It may be compensated by one single drop – the force of nature concealed in an essential oil helps recover strength after a hard day‘s work or gives strength to meet the challenges and tasks. It is absolutely safe – Young Living ensures the standards of highest quality for its production, so they can be used as well by kids as by adults.

Young Living has given the opportunity to millions of people in over 100 countries not only to improve the state of health but also make a constant living out of it. I am one of them – Young Living has not only provided me with career opportunities but a chance to earn money and work flexible hours that agree to my active lifestyle as well.


A business without risks – you don‘t need any huge investments, a standard selection of essential oils will be enough to receive constant income for 1-2 years. It is not only a financial stability but also a guarantee for a healthier life.

Jolita Ramanauskaitė-Stankevičienė

It takes great investments to start a new business. And 50% of success in business. The risk is immense. I have built a traditional business and I know that when beginning a personal business it‘s crucial to weigh risks, think ahead and hope for the best. It‘s great if you start business with a partner whose help and support is very useful but you‘re surrounded by competitors, that‘s why you must be different, your product must be outstanding in terms of quality, work style etc. A constant tension doesn‘t allow you to enjoy the results.

Everything is totally different in Young Living comparing it to the traditional business. I only invest to my family‘s health. I have wonderful people near me who are concerned for my success. I can always consult with somebody or get some advice. An advice that comes from the heart because it‘s a business of a relationship and the person and his/her welfare is our priority. That‘s the business relations are based on trust and support. Thanks to the opportunity given to me by Young Living, I now create an aroma-therapy business of my own, it can be sold, gifted, inherited but I‘m not alone in this business, there are people who have my back, who protect me and so I nurture a team of marvelous folks ever improving themselves.

Educational system

A beginner receives individual consultations according to a 6 step program for 2-3 months. Also, the person is provided with educational material which helps to find out more about the product, its positive effects. However, the creativity is not restricted in this case – it‘s not necessary to put oneself into a measured frame, one can use creativity to introduce oneself and the production.

Sigita Masiukienė

I‘m in touch with Young Living practically since the time it reached Lithuania. I really liked the products but I knew it from the start that I wanted to do something more. I had experience in a similar field, so got to work immediately. Unfortunately, the results were not the kind of ones I could have been proud of. Many things have changed after started communicating with Jolanta Puziene, she was the person who introduced me the important tools in this activity: 6 step program, aspiration study and showed me how crucial it is to work with other team members. With the help of Jolanta‘s trust and systemic management I gained an administrative qualification in four months, now I have new, greater goals. So I‘d love to wish everyone to take advantage of the teaching system which is ready, find a mentor who has achieved the results that you‘re aiming to as well. After gaining basic knowledge and skills, you can new strategies and plans. I wish you pleasant moments, great adventures and as much luck as you can muster while cooperating with Young Living.

Freedom of choice

One of the greatest advantages is that you can gather your own team, so you may choose whom with and by what methods you want to work. The entire system of Young Living is based on the match of your partner‘s essential needs, inner motivation and work style. After choosing the right partners, you are going to perform not only fluently but also more profitably.

Erika Kulikaitė-Gintalienė

I have always envied my husband – a writer who, while having a goal, being responsible, thrusting and disciplined lives with pleasure and meaningfulness. I used to be fascinated by how – after finishing a libretto for an opera or any other piece of art – he would get to a new task with fervor, willing to improve himself, whereas he‘d receive dividends and awards for the former job. He had his own time, his purposeful life, constant development and money!

Whereas my job holding a responsible office in the international commercial structures was just a well-paid routine, without my personal vision or content. The feeling of safety I had was only alleged and temporary as the last year‘s snow. After bringing my third child into life, as I put two and two together and quit this debilitating job, nobody paid me dividends for my work done to the company‘s prosperity.

I have heard that dream come true if really want them to. Believing it was hard but I deeply wanted to believe. So after a few years of search for luck and new appearing doubts, I finally got here – on my way continuing the vision of Gary Young, serving as a loyal member of the Young Living community. I make my organization grow – this tree, a collective of wonderful people who work benevolently and voluntarily for all of us. So I discovered that it‘s possible to find pleasure in being a part of a huge team (hundreds of people) where you are the owner of your growing business without investments and a risk to shut down, where have a constant improvement and guarantee financial safety, where it‘s possible for an expert of any kind to realize themselves working with fervor and free will (without Monday meeting and continual reports).

I am happy to have been awaken and being in possession of tools that help others to find themselves – thrusting, self-aware personalities seeking for a life of purpose in the name of a better world, happier loved ones.

“One man cannot change the world but he can send the message that would change the world”. David Aick


To keep the business stability, we continuously offer loyalty programs and monthly discounts of even 20-30% on Young Living production. Loyalty is also encouraged by the program that not only gives discounts to the most faithful clients but also some free production and more attractive offers.

Asta Stankūnaitė

One can feel the stability with Young Living with the help its organizational principles: loyalty program and monthly discounts. Loyalty program – Essential rewards autoship- is so attractive to the consumers that most of my team members participate in it to gain more value. It helps me plan monthly orders of the entire team so I know what kind of income I can expect every month. Monthly discounts are thoroughly selected, valuable and very attractive – it‘s a great help for motivating loyal clients to form bigger orders because gifts cheer everyone up and pets even the most selective ones.

Growth without limits

Differently than doing a job since 8th to 17th, you are not going to hit your head into the „ceiling“of salary – Young Living gives you an opportunity to receive unlimited income. After gathering your team and creating your business system, you turn on its mechanism – the income increases independently on the time you dedicate to this activity. It‘s important to appropriately invest the time in the beginning while making strategies.

Oksana Apanavičienė

I have been working sales management for 10 years and three were especially important to me: financial stability, team work and an environment suitable for improving yourself, learning from others and gathering knowledge. When working in the sales management and representing the company it‘s important I think to believe in the company, its values and be inspired by its ideas. For the first five years I was satisfied with all this but I caught myself asking the question: „BUT WHAT NOW?“.

I saw Young Living activities as bright new tomorrow. I believe that we dedicate as much time, effort and energy to Young Living as there was dedicated to traditional business, we build a stable company with ever-increasing income. A part of dream has already come true. What‘s most important is good relationships with other people with I create additional value for myself and others. Improvement in organizing aroma-therapy-business is without limits: there is always something to learn and it‘s interesting. What I also like is that you can develop the business abroad although I can only speak a few languages fluently. There are no limits if you have a strong team. This is what I do: I gather a team and help it so everyone could improve themselves in whatever field that they desire.

Support system

Young Living mission and values connects strong congenial, leaders, who organize all kind of support using their long-term experience to novices as well as strongly progressed members. Every member of Young Living activity is an Ambassador who plants a seed of goodness and life into every home. Organizational system is strong, because professionals of their field passes on their knowledge, experience, teaches others to support everyone who joins Young Living in various formats: personal help, consultations, “give first” principal, without any personal benefits, only trying to help everyone who decided to start a program. Every congenial even smallest addition to health promotion idea is very important, because it can change others life for the better.

Daiva Bakūnienė

YoungLiving came to my life when I was searching for activity, which would meet my personal values. I grew up near the nature in biologist’s family, where naturalism, love for nature, health and spirituality were self-evident values. I should thank my parents who developed a joy of love and ministry. All of these values are foundation of my success in YL.

In first few days with YL I knew that, company gives everything what you need to spread movement and help thousands of people to be healthy and happy. It doesn’t matter, if you are a beginner or a leader, you get overall support. I am thankful to Jolanta Puziene and Eika Gintaliene, who introduced me to coziest activity – aroma evenings. Mentors professionality and enthusiasm encouraged me to follow their example and pass on this experience to our teammates. Aroma evenings is priceless format to this day, during which we share our knowledge and experiences with our teammates using ethers and other company products.

YL Company formed a strong conception “give without expectations”: above all – HELP a person. Customers as well as newcomers who came to develop their business have a same opportunity to familiarize with products, company’s philosophy, compensational plan, opportunity to attend in webinars and other events. Opportunity to participate in entrepreneurship training with “Proveržis” studio is granted, you can go to conference and conventions abroad. Everyone is expected in YL company farm spread all over the world, where you can personally touch “Seed to seal” process: Feel, see, perceive plant’s journey “to a seal”. All of this support system and virtual office as well as a qualified service personal’s help gives organization system stability, safety and LUCK guaranty.

Aroma-therapy today is no luxury but a necessity, not for everyone, however, but exclusively for those who value quality, take care of health prevention, want to increase the quality of life in all the possible fields: in emotional and physical health, in trying to keep focus in performing urgent and important matters, in making decisions and achieving their maximum efficiency, in harmonizing the inner peace and improving couple relationships.

Starting your acquaintance with Young Living essential oils of an exclusive quality – it is best to begin with an everyday use selection of 11 oils which contains:

  • Dewdrop” or “Aria” diffuser;
  • 11 oils by 5 ml for everyday use;
  • 2 packs by 60 ml juice of goji berries “NingXia Red”;
  • 10 samples of essential oils (“Lavender”, “Peppermint”, “Peace&Calming”, “Lemon”, “Thieves”);
  • Descriptions and cards of essential oils;
  • Bottles of essential oils (capacity of 2 ml);
  • Description, catalogue of essential oils.

Why is it the best choice to start with this selection:

  • It is the most economical option;
  • You will experience the entirety everyday use scents;
  • You will be able to enjoy the most luxuriant SPA at your home every morning or evening by using a diffuser and 11 cents by choice;
  • All everyday questions solving oils will always be just within the reach of your hand while dealing with cold, coughing, troubled sleeping, back, muscle or joint pain, digestive dysfunction, need for a better mood, stress reduction and so on;
  • You will receive an individual consultation and educational support applied to your individual needs.

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