In more than only 8 months arome-therapy not only became a part of my lifestyle, a desire to live healthier but also – my main thing and a way to make a living. I achieved this after gathering my team in two years – a group of congenials thanks to whom we expanded into 10 countries that mostly the markets of the Baltic states, Russia, Kazakhstan, Norway, Great Britain. The goal for the next two years is to expand the consumption culture of therapy class essiantial oils to Poland, Germany, Austria, France, Denmark and Ireland.

Oksana Apanavičienė Lithuania, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Great Britain
+370 618 75624
Jolita Ramanauskaitė-Stankevičienė Great Britain, Norway, Sweden
+370 652 90222
Asta Stankūnaitė Latvia
+370 68 252713
Sigita Masiukienė Ireland
+370 636 25532
Inga Agafonova Poland
Daiva Bakūnienė USA, Canada
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Jolanta Puzienė
+370 672 00234