why I chose Young Living?

Aroma-therapy came into my life by constantly giving myself the question: how should I live so I prevent the health problems not only of my own but also of my closest ones and feel great every day? After long searches that wouldn‘t always give a positive result, I discovered the aroma-therapy. Its healing effect became a concurrent part in the lifestyle of me and my family. The concept of Young Living activity fulfilled the values that were given to me since the childhood days – the natural force of nature is the best in protection the health from harming environmental effects and it has to be available for everybody.

By education I am an industrial engineer, however, during 12 years I happened to try juridical and financial jobs in implementing the funding of the European Union support in Lithuania. As my family grew bigger, I understood the importance of the time that you devote your family. After beginning to look for new opportunities, I set a few crucial goals to myself: better financial opportunities and flexible working hours, universal perfection.

And so there appeared a great inner need to realize myself where I can make more sense and value by helping other people to have a better life – to inspire them to live healthier, more interestingly and to develop a more creative attitude towards everything. I realized that by improving myself as a professional I will be capable to help others as well. These aims motivated me to start my professional development from a zero point and dive enthusiastically into the multiple opportunities offered by Young Living.

My first encounter with Young Living happened in September 2014. During a short period of time I attended seminars on the outstanding aroma-therapy in even four countries: Germany, Great Britain, Croatia and France. In pursue of the desire to enrich my knowledge about the benefits of aroma-therapy, I had read through a lot of foreign literature. I was fascinated along with other users by the exclusive features of essential oils, their simple application in everyday life and their safety. Unfortunately, a very little part of the consumers are aware of aroma-therapy‘s positive effect on health, that‘s why I‘m trying to expand the circle of my congenial and send theses fragrant news to every home.

My mission is to show that essential oils not only improve one‘s health but can also help families, especially kids, solve their emotional and physical problems, encourage curiosity, creativity and internecine understanding. Also, it is important to teach people how to choose a qualitative product because there are only 1-2 percent of those in the world.

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