How to adjust body weight?

For many women body weight is a sensitive and endless subject. Each of us have different perceptions and standards. Fashion encourages us to constantly think about weight and reducing body volume. However, we have to use common sense everywhere because well-being, good mood, vital energy and possibility to slow down the aging process are most important. All these things are related, but not everyone is healthy and slim, not everyone who is overweight is sick. Exceptions can be seen everywhere, but being overweight does not provide physical health and more often causes emotional discomfort. The right weight is when people feel physically and emotionally healthy, but each of us has different limits. The most important thing is to find out what has the biggest influence on body weight changes and try to change lifestyle by eliminating causes that lead to physical and emotional imbalance. The main causes having negative impact on human health and weightgain are hormonal imbalance, unbalanced nutrition and lack of physical activity. Each of these causes will be discussed individually.

Hormonal imbalance.

Symptoms include mood swings, PMS, hot flashes, irregular, painful and heavy menstruation, hair loss, and uncontrolled hunger. There are single essential oils and blends containing phytoestrogens and natural progesterone that can be used in this case. All types of Sage contain phytoestrogens. By combining essential oils of different types of Sage into blends we can have great help in promoting hormone balance. Young Living has a wide and perfectly aligned range of blends: Lady Sclareol, SclarEssence, Dragon Time. It is recommended to use these blends during the first 2 weeks of a woman’s cycle (the first day of menstruation is the first day of her cycle). On day 14 of a woman’s cycle Myrrh and Lemongrass essential oils or the EndoFlex blend should be added (to be applied on the neck), as well as Mister (for inhaling). Progessence Phyto Plus (with natural progesterone) is especially important in the second part of a woman’s cycle, starting on day 15. Progessence Phyto Plus can be used as a facial serum (in the morning and in the evening) or as a perfume – to be applied topically (on the wrist or neck), or on the lower abdomen (to be applied in a clockwise direction).

Unbalanced nutrition.

Fast food, chemical additives, eating in a hurry, eating pastries with yeast and ready-made products, increased eating before bedtime is the reality of these days. All this leads to pollution of human body, which has negative impact on liver, the intestine and the entire organism. Therapeutic grade essential oils directly effect cells, blood vessels, liver and intestines and in such sequence remove toxins from the body, which do not allow the body to absorb nutrients and starves the body. Only a small part of absorbed nutrients accumulates in the adipose tissue layer. The simplest way to reduce toxins is to use therapeutic grade essential oils. Take 3-10 drops of Lemon, Peppermint or Grapefruit essential oil in a glass of water every morning. After 30-60 min. take 60 ml of goji berry juice Ningxia Red. However, in order to lose weight, one or two meals per day could be replaced with Ningxia Red berry juice with a Balance Complete shake. Ningxia Red is a wholesome food for the human body, providing a feeling of satiety for half of the day even to a man. Also, the body receives a high amount of antioxidants, which help a person to stay young and gives energy. Enzymes play a very important role in digestion. Adding enzymes with essential oils (Young Living Essentialzymes-4 Essentialzyme or Detoxzyme) are especially recommended to be taken at lunchtime. You can also supplement your diet with as many fermented products as possible – cabbage, cucumbers, beets – that are a natural source of enzymes.

It is recommended to drink a glass of water with 1-3 drops of Peppermint essential oil before each meal – it reduces appetite while satiety is felt much faster than we finish eating the entire meal.

Cravings for sweets can be easily controlled by using the Slique essential oil blend of various citruses (1-3 drops in a glass of water), and the StressAway essential oil blend (to be applied on wrists, pulsating parts or diffused). Frankincense is also a great essential oil that helps to get rid of dependence on sweets. It is difficult to reduce body weight when the elimination system of the body does not work properly – in case of problems with peristalsis problems, when stools are rare and irregul. This issue should be taken very seriously. ComforTone helps normalize problems with peristalsis – take 2-5 capsules in mornings and evenings 2-3 times per day until bowel movement become regular, then gradually reducing the amount of capsules. ICP plays the major and one of the most important roles by drawing up and removing toxins from the body. Normally, ICP should be added a couple weeks after starting to use ComforTone.

Lack of physical activity, slowdown in metabolism.

Lack of physical activity slows down the movement of lymph – a sewerage system of our body. The well-being of the body requires at least 15-20 min. of brief exercise daily, or taking a walk outside, which moves lymph and activates metabolism. If a person is overweight, it is recommend to start by adjusting the diet and starting very easy and simple exercise, to not put too much strain the joints. When weight decreases, exercises should become heavier. How to promote the desire for sport? One of the best tonics is Peppermint essential oil and citrus essential oils. The Citrus Fresh blend is considered an “internal engine” for stimulating action. Breathe Again or R.C. essential oil blends raise sport endurance and improve oxygen circulation in lungs, as well as throughout the body. The effect of smell leads to the action, facilitates involvement in sports and we soon notice that sports becomes a pleasant activity. Essential oils are great for encouraging sports and providing motivation. They are also great for injuries: sprained ligaments or muscle ailments. The most important thing is that sports becomes a part of daily life, because essential oils affect specific brain centers that regulate our mood, volition and endurance.

Tips provided only for using therapeutic grade essential oils.



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