Essential Oils for hair care and beauty

Beautiful and healthy hair – is the pride of a woman always attracting attention and providing a sense of confidence. For us, women, nourishing hair is an important aspect, where we invest a lot of effort and time. We are constantly looking for ways to nourish our hair and give them shine stimulating healthy grow. Therapeutic class essential oils is of great help to our hair.

As water is the source of life, the first step is taking care of daily hair moisturising.  Have a glass of water in the morning. This is a great way to keep hair moisturised. Add 2-3 drops of therapeutic grade lemon essential oil in a glass with water, in this way you will get a double benefit. Not only is our hair moisturised from the inside, but also our body regenerates and it is cleansed of the accumulated toxins. Daily hair styling products damage hair, but essential oils will help to restore hair structure and bring back the vitality and elasticity.

Use hair styling products and tools only when necessary. It is recommended to use shampoos with the most natural components, in which you can add essential oil. Gently massaging the scalp rub the head 2-3 times a week. Stress, fatigue, insomnia, poor diet – these are unfriendly factors for our body and hair beauty. Aromatherapy – is not just a great way to look after your beauty, but also a unique help for all life situations. Therapeutic grade essential oils have an impact on our overall body functioning, both physical and emotional levels. Rubbing essential oils intensively in to the scalp will nourish not only hair but will also improve scalp blood circulations. Essential oils used to improve hair and scalp condition should be massaged using Vitaflex massage technique. The excellent results can be achieved in a few weeks. While having head massage, we inhale an essential oil fragrance, which will beneficial for our good emotions and mood.

Essential oils for hair:

Tea tree essential oil. It is extremely beneficial for our scalp. Tea tree oil reduces dandruff, moisturises the scalp, prevents hair loss, reduces scalp grease. So, if greasy hair causes dandruff, tea tree oil is the most appropriate choice.

Lemon essential oil. It is usually used to treat dandruff, but is also known as a tool to a shiny hair. Lemon oil strengthens hair and helps to deal with all the problems caused by dandruff. But do not overuse this oil – it can dry out your hair.

Lavender essential oil. Besides relaxing and easing headache, this essential oil is also praised for the benefits such as promoting hair growth and protecting hair from breakage. Lavender oil is often used for people who experience alopecia (hair loss). In addition, it acts as an antiseptic that prevents scalp itch and dandruff.

Chamomile essential oil. It soothes irritated scalp and gives the hair volume and fluffiness.

Rosemary essential oil. This is the perfect tonic, refreshing both skin and hair. This essential oil improves blood circulation in the scalp, strengthens the hair roots and promotes healthy hair growth. Besides being one of the most effective natural remedies that can prevent hair loss, rosemary essential oil positively stimulates the mind, relieves fatigue, helps to concentrate and increases efficiency. It has antioxidant properties.

Peppermint essential oil. It may help to reduce excessive oiliness of the scalp; it also balances the pH of the scalp. For scalp moisture balance, use this essential oil undiluted, directly on the scalp. Peppermint essential oil has a feature to increase hair growth and stop hair loss at the same time. Scalp massage with peppermint oil strengthens hair roots while a better blood circulation helps nutrients to access hair easier.

Ylang Ylang essential oil is practically universal and can be used for solving various problems. It improves the structure of hair, nourishes and moisturises them. Furthermore, it smells wonderfully and gives the hair a light aroma. Essential oil “Ylang Ylang” makes the hair smooth and manageable. The mask to make hair tips moist: 2-3 drops of ‘Ylang Ylang, essential oil and 4 tablespoons of coconut oil. Mix, apply on the hair tips and leave for 10 minutes or longer. Then wash your hair with the shampoo. Repeat this procedure once a week.

Recipe for hair regrowth, brain activity and blood flow improvement:
Lotion base – water or Young Living rosemary floral water. Use only therapeutic grade essential oils. To a 250 ml add 20-30 drops of rosemary, pine, thyme, lavender, copaiba essential oils. Use regularly 3 times a day for at least 4 weeks. Shake well before use.

Let’s be beautiful and radiate love!

Sigita Pauliukaitienė

Written by Sigita Pauliukaitienė, an ambassador of  Young Living of wellness movement, an educator, a certified instructor of raindrop and Vitaflex massage techniques, aromatherapy practitioner.

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