Scent magic in everyday life

People are capable to close their eyes for the majesty, horrors and to stop their ears from the enchanting melodies or words. However, they cannot avoid the smell as the scent  gets into people bodies and allows you to live. The scent goes to the depth of your body reaching the heart causing amiability, contempt, disgust, passion, love or hate. “Who can control scents that one is able to control  hearts of a human being.”: Patrick Suskind, “Perfume. Story of a Murderer “.

Scents spread by nature promotes everyone to thank to the Creator for the wonderful flavors which help us not to get tired of gray everyday life, enjoy the gift of life, desire to love and  share the spirit of scents  with others.

Subtle, most unexpected stories shrouded the love between a human being and fragnant aromas exicts not hundreds but for thousands of years which sounds like endless melody or a poem singing about ecstasy of the soul. It cannot be expressed by words thus only the smell has this key. Who can find the key that one can heal the soul and spirit. Smell is matter to me and it isn‘t just transparent air.The molecules are the object which catch the scent and materialize it giving me the opportunity to go toward knowledge. Fragrant aroma of essential oils is the most natural and the purest joy of known joys. Its impression is so deeply exciting and giving feelings of happiness, peace, enthusiasm, emotional stability, harmony, concentration, etc.

There is no one  who couldn‘t experience a sense of bliss of fresh sea breeze or a  gentle breath of spring when nature wakes up after winter sleep as greenery and flowers impregnate the air with wonderful smells. Fragrance of natural magic perfume  intensifies heart beating and gives a natural feeling of breezy, moisten the skin with rain drops.

 It is supposed that the perfume history began in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt more than 4 thousands of years ago when  magical rituals were performed burning resins ,various plants and twigs.

 In ancient times the Egyptians made various fragrant body oils and balms. They created the most famed perfume KYPHI which the basis consisted of  sixteen herbs such as myrrh, juniper berries, Ferula seeds, mastic pistachio tree resin and nuts, papyrus stalks, etc.). The ancient people  treated with special respect towards scents. They used natural materials, pure and high-quality natural oils for sacred purposes.

Ancient Egypt perfume was considered a symbol of power and luxury accessory and it was  used only on special occasions.

In Ancient Greece perfume was used to communicate  with the gods in places of worship. Then it was believed that the smoldering leaves’ smoke could cause state of trance which  helped priests to hear Apollo’s  prophecies. The Romans Greek taste for perfume is also turned into a luxurious life. Imported aromatic herbs was estimated at several hundred tons and men and women just bathed in the fragrance. Roman aromatic compounds often were universal and they were  used as  perfume or pharmaceuticals.

Let’s go back to those days and look at what we have in our environment and how we smell.

Thanks to Gary Young’s  visions, insights and his work we can touch the wisdom of the past. This is therapeutic essential oils which can improve the quality of our life with wonderful fragrance. The essential oil has many components, distinguished by its characteristic flavor. Natural perfume owns scents of the natural plant leaves, flowers, roots, bark, gum. They are delicate, soft, rich in chemical composition, lively, effecting positively our emotions. If you are feeling the lack of the joy, you can  wear a natural perfume with essential of citrus (orange, mandarin, lime, grapefruit), bergamot, ylang-ylang and sage, rose, jasmine, vanilla oils. Rosemary, basil, lemon, lemongrass aromas can give you vigilance.

An effect of essential oil on a body is very individual. Using perfume we noticed that fragrance of perfume can have variations in terms of time thus in some time the perfume can own a different smell after some time. The reason is that different scents evaporate at different rates and intensities. According to the music analogy scents are divided into upper, middle and base notes. By creating your own flavor, you can choose the flavors of all the notes or specially build lighter or heavier flavor. Traditional proportion is 30 percent of the top notes, middle notes of 50 percent and 20 percent of the base notes of aroma oils. The top note includes the following essential oils such as anise, basil, bergamot, citronella, eucalyptus, grapefruit, Lavender, lemon, lemon, orange, peppermint. The middle note includes the following essential oils such as laurel, chamomile, cinnamon, sage, clove, spruce needle oil, geranium, jasmine, black pepper, pine, rose, rosemary, tea tree, thyme, ylang-ylang. The lower note includes the following essential oils such as cedar, frankincense, ginger, myrrh, patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla, vetiver.

Sandalwood aroma considered the quintessence of all flavors. According to experts it smells like white  color. It protects and cares for all the world’s scents. Sandalwood has been used since ancient times as incense for spiritual applications.

What the essential oils I would refer to perfume and what a magic effect can have on a human body?

Sandalwood – is calming and helps to instill a sense of inner peace. It is a good choice to try in cases of stress, depression or low self-esteem. It is frequently used in high end fragrances and it is liked by men and women. Sandalwood is a base note and helps round out blends. Aromatically, Sandalwood Oil is rich, woody yet sweet.

Lavender – relieves stress, headaches, soothes.

Frankincense – eliminates the psychological tension, anxiety, creates a mutual relationship with the Creator.

Lemon – provides energy, mental clarity in various situations, eases.

Citrus Fresh – especially liked by children as it lifts the mind and body alertness, gives happiness and peace of mind.

Stress Away – relaxes, reduces stress, restores emotional balance, improves the quality of sleep.

Joy – a natural aphrodisiac meant joy, heart, mind and soul.

Lady Clairol – is an exotic blend of essential oils having a rich scent revealing a famine nature and improves the mood.

Mister – created for men to balance emotions, to achieve a better inner balance. It reflects manhood.

Common Sense – helps to cope with stress, can calm down, relax and help release feelings, to calm the body and mind, to centrate on and think clearly and to make right decisions.

Clary Sage – serves as an effective anti-depressant. This is one of the best natural remedies for anxiety, promotes self-confidence and mental strength gives joy, a sense of security and comfort.

Valor – soothes and energizes, balances emotions, gives courage, inspiration and determination to act.

Abundance – the creation of “ the law of gravity, ” wealth, the balanced magnetic field of energy , a life balance and finding  joy of every moment of a day.

Clarity – designed to give greater mental concentration and alertness, promote mental acuity, improve retention of a memory.

Bergamot – leads to balance, reduce emotional stress and hesitancy, improves memory and attention.

Highest Potential – increases mental capacity reaches the highest potential path to the target, inspires confidence, soothes and harmonizes the mind and body.

Idaho Blue Spruce – physically grounding and relaxing, giving a deep serenity and confidence, a sense of security.

Geranium – uplifting, soothing.

Sacred Mountain – raisining spiritually, grounding, embodying holiness, connecting to values of the real world.

Shutran – inspires confidence, promotes feelings of vitality and energy, improves feelings and manhood, increases self-confidence.

I presented only a small part of the essential oils which smells can charm like a magic wand leading us to a magical aromas world. Fragrance by nature is mysterious and divine. It wasn’t realized by ancient people and it hasn‘t been fully revealed their magic effect yet in our times.

Wearing  natural perfume we protect our and other health.


Written by Gene Gintaliene, an ambassador of  Young Living of wellness movement, an educator, a certified instructor of raindrop massage techniques, a self- healing practitioner.

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