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Excellence of making your life more colorful, aromatherapy in essential oil form comes first when you acknowledge and pick safest, then the best essential oil. Quality and effective oil is not that common in today’s commercial environment, especially when you take into account our health and luck. It took me some time to study what and how:

Most (about 70%) essential oil not only in Lithuania, but all over the world is synthetic, which is used in perfume, candles, furniture industry and elsewhere.

Other part (about 25 %) of essential oils is fake, that means they are mixed with synthetic or other supplement. Synthetic supplements could have variety of different reactions when in contact with skin, especially if skin is more sensitive.

And just a small part of them is natural – green which is sorted in two types – virgin and therapy class:

  • Virgin essential oils are 100% pure, but they don’t have enough phytochemical substance, which would do most effective impact to our organism and assure safety when using them. Meanwhile therapy class oils are high quality and they are barely found on market 1-2%. They are not only pure, but they have the biggest possible amount of various phytochemical substances, which is verified by laboratories and guaranties effect testified by our ancestors and scrolls.
  • Using therapy class oils – exactly highest quality oils, organism is easily cleansed from petroleum based products, synthetic additives and other toxins. Therapy class oils are safe to swallowed, but it has to be done responsibly, having fully-fledged information and knowing product is high quality. Citrus essential oils fits the most for organism cleaning: lemon, tangerine, grapefruit, lime, bergamot and their combinations (mixtures).

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