Essential oils in everyday life

Lifestyle for everyone has a lot of components: family, activities, health, finances, leisure, friends, improvement and so on, in which we crave for balance, harmony and peace. Each and every one we constantly try to improve and cherish. However, recently more and more people have difficulties accomplishing this, so they start searching for various measures to relax and strengthen their health. Everything that’s unique is simple.

Essential oils made from odorous plants is oldest, simplest and most pleasant way that exists in this earth for more than 5000 years. Too bad this knowledge disappears in people’s lives and you have to admit, to find quality plants you need to try hard. However, more and more people turns to nature and finds its life drops – essential oils and consider aromatherapy a lifestyle or even activity enrichment. WHY AND HOW? Everything starts step by step, everybody has different lifestyle and aromatherapy is wide and diverse. Introducing essential oil usage culture to your lifestyle begins with how aromatherapy can help with clods and protecting yourself from viruses, bacteria and relieving yourself when there’s problems with digestive tract or poisoning, how to ease headaches or PMS pains, how to improve your life quality even when having nasal congestion and number of work to do. Everything is possible, if people really want to be healthy, feel great, work with ease, without stress and more effectively!

Aromatherapy comes in these steps, starting from healthiness on physical level, moving to beauty and emotional health labyrinths ending with material wellness. Since old times various scents were used in people lives to improve well-being: citrus essential oils (orange, bergamot, lime and grapefruit) lavender, peppermint, clove, rosemary, everlasting flower, thyme, marjoram, juniper, chamomile, ylang-ylang, tea tree, eucalyptus, sandalwood and others. Every essential oil, which is extracted from scented plants all over the world is unique assistants for health maintenance, harmonizing lifestyle, searching for naturalness and balance in today’s “chemical – artificial” world. Topical areas where essential oils can be used:

  • The body’s cleanliness and cleaning.
  • Protection from viruses and bacteria.
  • Pain reduction, wounds and burns pain facilitation and better healing.
  • Gastrointestinal facilitation.
  • The energy efficiency and increase of work efficiency.
  • Stress reduction.
  • Dental, oral hygiene.
  • Sleep disorders and sleep quality.
  • Skin, hair care and strengthening.
  • A good mood, confidence, courage and a sense of joy of life guaranteed by the use aromatherapy everywhere.
  • Scent magic in everyday life.
  • Professional and personal growth, change and life success in improving the emotional system.
  • Animal health without chemicals.
  • Women’s hormonal system.
  • Scents of personal image forming.
  • Love and aphrodisiac scents.
  • More efficient massage for non-masseurs – using “Raindrops” massage technique.
  • Children’s with colds health.

There are more topics which are import for those who is reaching quality life. For each topic we had a lot of events. Now it is time to put our experiences on paper.

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