2016 12 17 Meeting with Gary Young – founder of Young Living

During the meeting Gary Young shared his vision to Europe and main values how to create healthy and successfull society.

Some of Young Living founder quotes:

  • “The more successful we are – the more wealth we can pass on to others”;
  • “By sharing success we help people in several levels of life: physical, spiritual, emotional and even financial”;
  • “When receiving a life challenges all respond differently to them: some take the lessons and rapidly grow by developing ourselves, others accept challenges as a heavy burden and it pulls them down”.

Susitikimo metu dalyvavo visi kompanijos įvairių skyrių aukščiausi vadovai, atsakingi už finansus, procesus, komunikaciją, logistiką, klientų aptarnavimą ir t.t. Renginio metu buvo pristatyti Europos aukščiausi vadovai: Robert G. Johnson bei Peter Foss.

All the company’s various departments directors at the highest level attended this meeting: responsible for finances, processes, communication, logistics, customer service, etc. During the event were introduced to Europe’s main directors: Robert G. Johnson and Peter Foss.

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