2016 12 01 Young Living Christmas meeting

Young Living team prepared for St. Christmas by twining wreaths, fulfiling them with team warmth, fun to work together, best intensions for family welfare and many more.

The meeting took place on 1 December – so waiting St. Christmas would be bright and surrounded by candles and amazing scent! Designer Jurgita Januškevičiūtė helped reveal each creative depths. These wreaths turned out the greatest work of art! Colleagues went extremely surprised by their own creativity reflected in wreaths beauty.

During the event team shared recipes and tasted prepared snacks, spreads and pastries with essential oils: clove, marjoram, oregano, thyme, orange, lime and others. All came out happy, inspired, with major wreaths for at least 5 years and gifts with www.jolangayoung.com brand colors!

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