2016 09 16-18 Young Living European convention in London, at the Wembly stadium

In this three-day event doctors, scientists and leaders were sharing innovations about health, effects of essential oils on the male and female health. Physical activities took place before the seminars: exercise, lessons of aroma Yoga and beauty. During the convention innovations about the importance of hydrogen for health, the effects of essential oil on the human energetic were presented. During the convention there was an exhibition of the new products where the participants were able to relish even the products of Einkorn (single-grain) wild wheat.

Lithuania was presented and rewarded for the second place as the most speedily developing market in the continent of Europe after the Netherlands in the convention. In 2015 Lithuania was rewarded for the first place. During the dinner time special awards were appointed for achievements in the development of Young Living. One award was delivered to Jolanta Puzienė from Lithuania for her “GOLD” qualification.

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